Borrowing a beginning

Where to start.
Once it’s begun it’s begun
things are set in motion.

What if they are the wrong things.
Knocking onto
jangling against
making the wrong kinds of wordsounds.

What if the the initial direction taken
leads away from the real ideas
Circuitous routes and detours…

“the peripheral – accidents of hearing, detours of thought”
Daniela Cascella, p24 F.M.R.L

Cascella is my guide – for a while she will feature here reminding me, encouraging me that this is an activity… it is something, even if it is a peripheral.

So at the beginning I will let her speak for me, in the way she wants others to speak for her…

“lists of thinking through listening into reading”

“I cannot read and not write. I cannot write and not read. The two are conjoined and necessary to each other…”

“Annotations have no longer any room around a text, hence they move onto another page into a new beginning. What once would have been marginalia migrate from the margins to the core of some new writing.”

“It reinstates now, every now, what is urgent: not always new and original, but urgent.”

“The references within a text are not birds to recognise but voices in the forest, to be heard before knowing what they are…”

“My medium is listening onto writing and back, writing onto listening: there I connect. Medium is also illusion, and trick, and risk. Is it listening to, or listening through? Illusion, or understanding?”

Daniela Cascella, 2015, F.M.R.L: Footnotes, Mirages, Refrains and Leftovers of Writing Sound, Zero Books, Winchester UK, Washington USA


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