Sound Swords Sound Wounds

The original title —
sounds words art.

And through an accident of elision
we get soundswords.

Sounds that are words that are swords.

Then I think of the word sound.

Perhaps the word I use most in my life (besides fuck).

And when I think of words that are typographically related to it – I begin to find it a curiously solid word for something that is so ephemeral.

There are the words that are spelt like and sound like sound:

But then there is wound –
wound around sound –
which is also a wound (woo-nd).

Words and sounds as wounds.

Where words become sounds become wounds,
slicing through the air,
pushing a word towards the audible,
making the word heard,
making rifts in the air
like a sword.
And this wound is the sound —
where words become wounds become sounds.

I am starting with the basics.
Breaking it down
to it’s smallest unit
the word


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