How words work
Letters  accumulate to form words,
which accumulate to form sentences
which accumulate into paragraphs
accumulating into pages…

Not that accumulation implies quality – just volume
a body – a mass of material,
amassed material.

Sounds too accumulate
each sound made of divisible frequential elements that amass
rubbing together, adding layer on layer
to form envelopes of texture, timbre, tone

I pull and stretch sounds
to find the sounds within sounds
break them apart and then
then add them back together
to make new frictions

With words… I don’t so much pull them apart
(maybe I should – but it seems too primal)
rather it is all a constant reassembling
additive synthesis….
hoping something may appear
– a beating frequency, a wolf tone –
in the chance combinations
in the weight of accumulation.

And as an afterthought…

What of entropy?
In the world of objects
accumulation can imply
a gathering from
lack of control and order
dust and cobwebs accumulate
in untended corners
redefining, territorialising space and its relations…

are my accumulations of words and sounds
an attempt to force the conditions of entropy
to own it, control it?

(this is not clear and half-formed – but I leave it here to accumulate.)



I write adjectives about sound. (More on this soon.)

I use the words intertwined, twining, twisting.

I  say plaiting because that is the word I learnt as child, when I took three sections of hair, crossing the right over the centre and pulling the centre right. Crossing the left over the centre (which was the right) pulling it to the left. I think of this because I am currently trying to plait my hair like the young people do — to get through a difficult growth period. The world now calls it braiding.

And I think of how sound can be braided.

Three sounds – to be literal – one left, one centre, one right. Their paths crossing in an orderly fashion. Or their frequencies momentarily combining, absorbing each other and separating again?

Imagining the sound of a tightly tied braid…

And what is a braid of words?

sound  art  word

art  sound  word

art  word  sound

word  art  sound

word  sound  art

sound  word  art

sound  art  word

PS – I categorise this in unravellings – though it’s all about the ravel.