A cross-fade of words

Perhaps words have desires for themselves?
Which words desire to be heard?
Are there shy words and extroverted words?
Clownish words?

I am looking for the humble but wise words,
which know when to show themselves,
know that they communicate with reasonable efficiency
but not a two-dimensional flatness.

Words whose cellular walls are not rigid.
Words, that when placed with other words,
allow a kind of seepage – osmosis.
This word is a little weak
but with this word next to it,
it borrows some power.
The strong word is not so much diminished
but deepened and reinforced by this act of charity.
Like colours, the bright balanced by a neutral
not by hard edged contrast but gradation.
Can there be a gradient of words?

I’ve always loved  colour gradients.
I get a feeling,
a sense of endless potential,
wonder and satisfaction
at the point where the two colours combine.
Yet there is no exact point.
Just a seamless slide.
I swim in it, like a warm bath
dwelling in the transition.

the colours can’t land,
one gradually intensifying while the other fades.
It’s not an aggressive takeover.
It feels consensual —
a letting go.
A moment of benefaction
and generosity.

My sound based on the cross-fade,
the audio version of a gradient.
Between the voice and the noise
one sound emerging from another
one sound grown and from another.

My work perhaps not about binaries or paradoxas —
the argument —
as I’ve been framing it,
but about gradients.

Or are there gradients in an argument?
In the middle of the outplaying
what can really be separated from what?
Moments of acknowledgment, acceptance –
Can there be gradients of disagreement?

(Feb 28, 2016)


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