Reflecting on Reflections (Cryptic-Cove Park Residency)

Supported by The Substation.

A brief postcard/progress report.

I’ve found myself drawn to the ponds as they reflect the relentless progress of weather across the highland heavens.

I’ve been pondering Narcissus and Echo – each with their own afflicted reflections.

I’ve realised the Ancient Greeks were so very transdisciplinary explaining physics in neat metaphoric narratives.


I’ve been revising high school physics to understand the poetry of properties.

I’ve been imbibing the erudite episodes of W. G. Sebald in the pursuit of form.


I’ve been rambling, just a little, over hillocks and down to the loch shore, that hides not sea monsters but navy submarines.

And all the while I’m listening to tiny birds I can’t yet identify, to the donkey that sounds like a squeaking gate, and the holy trinity of wookie cattle who snuffle-munch on the Pod pathway.

And I go to sleep to the soft weeping rain, sometimes the wild whipping wind, followed by the deep, deep silence of the fog.


PS – Pop-quiz courtesy of the Physics Room

My participation in the Cryptic-Cove Park residency program is supported by The SUBSTATION.



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