Ponderings from the pond (Cryptic-Cove Park Residency)


A postcard-progress report

I have donned the mismatched wellies and stepped into the beyond of the pond to capture its ripples and reflections. In the process I crashed the 24hour-a-day mating party of  Ferdinand and Franz and Frieda the frogs. (I’ve also named the cows, Lorelei, Merle and Beverly.)

I trekked in the weeping mist to Kilcreggan for a cappuccino and a zucchini. On the way I found Beckett’s waiting room (wrong country I know)….

…and some friendly faces (wrong country – do they know?).

By step 12,000 I was thinking myself as wretched as Tess of the d’Urbervilles, and then I started to think on a potential work called “Every book I’ve ever read” which involves a hypertextual mapping of my non-sequiturial connections between – well, every book I’ve ever read. Stay-tuned for that show stopper!

I found myself recording in the spacious bathroom because I liked the sound of where ceiling curves to floor, which, most pleasingly, is also heated.

I filmed the not-quite full moon as it played hide and seek with the midnight clouds—again from the bathroom, not quite hardcore enough to take to the field in pyjamas.

And I died an old exile’s death with Malouf’s Imaginary Life, conquered my fear of such with the surprisingly Buddhist 16th century essayist Michel de Montaigne, and perceived the fabric of reality with Maurice Merleau-Ponty.

And when not doing the above I talked with Kathy Hinde about everything and went on road trips to find the oysters at the end of the rainbow.


My participation in the Cryptic-Cove Park residency program is supported by The SUBSTATION.




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